Lisa & Kyle

November 2, 2019

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The Hart House in Asheville, North Carolina

November 2, 2019, Asheville, North Carolina

Autumn in Asheville

We are excited to have everyone experience this amazing time of the year with us in a place that we love. The autumn colors should be in full bloom, and the weather crisp. We’re not the only ones that are looking forward to the colors and backdrop though. This is the area’s “high season,” and places to stay book up fast – particularly the good deals. For this reason, we’re encouraging all of our guests to book sooner rather than later!

The Main Event.

Please arrive at the venue between 4:00PM and 4:30PM. The ceremony will begin at 5:00PM outside the Hart House. Once you’ve entered the main drive, take the second driveway on the right. Parking is limited, so we’re encouraging our guests to carpool and make use of ridesharing services.

LisaCastellani and Kyle Phillips Engagement Ring Detail

The Party.

Following the ceremony, heavy hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be served along with entertainment. Leave the driving to someone else… Uber and Lyft are both readily available in the area.

Lisa Castellani Kyle Phillips Asheville North Carolina Engagement

Keeping it Classy.

We’re looking forward to remembering this night for the rest of our lives. We kindly ask that you keep the following in mind.

Dress Code

This will be a semi-formal wedding. Ladies, a nice dress and heels will make your night as memorable as ours. Guys, a suit and tie will make your ladies (and us) happy.


While the ceremony and reception will be adults-only (12 and up), we’ve made arrangements for on-site sitting. Let us know if your kids will be tagging along so we can plan accordingly.


We’re excited to have an amazing photographer capture our day. We ask that all guests turn off cell phones and cameras during the ceremony and enjoy being present with us.

Lisa Castellani and Kyle Phillips Engagement Asheville, North Carolina

Where to Stay

A Cabin in the mountains

Asheville is a fun, walkable city, but it’s also surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains. There are countless cabins available — from small 1-2 bedroom bungalows, to large cabins that sleep 8-10 people. We must stress, our wedding will be during the area’s autumn-painted high season, so these cabins and hotels will fill up early. Ridesharing services are widely available in the area, but be aware that remote cabins accessible by mountainous backroads may prove to be challenging if you’re planning on using these services to get around.

View from a Cabin Outside Asheville North Carolina

Perfect for

  • Sharing the visit with a group of friends
  • Lovers of the outdoors, autumn colors and solitude

A Place in Town

Prices in town are a premium, but there is a reason. Asheville is filled with shops, bars, and restaurants. This city has it’s own “bohemian” vibe that has made it quite famous. Location is key if you’d like your visit to be in town. There are three distinct walkable areas that we’re familiar with: Downtown, West Asheville, and Biltmore Village. Downtown has the most restaurants, bars and shops. West Asheville is trendy, with less to choose from, but makes up for it with a distinct character. Biltmore Village is right next to the Biltmore, and is upscale but quaint.

Downtown Asheville North Carolina

Perfect for

  • Proximity to walkable activities (Restaurants, Bars, Breweries, Shopping)
  • Taking in the unique culture of Asheville

Some Suggestions…

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The Hart House

Thailand Passport Stamp


You all know that we love to travel. Our honeymoon has high expectations to live up to, and we’re going all out. We’re planning on spending our time across the world in the land of amazing food, picturesque beaches, and smiles… Thailand! If you’d like to contribute to our once-in-a-lifetime (well, maybe) adventure, we’ve added some items below.

Beach in Thailand

Honeymoon Fund!

Your gift will help us enjoy a trip of a lifetime! We’ll use your gift to help pay for flights hotels, food and more. Enter any amount you’d like!


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Vertigo Rooftop Bar in Bangkok

Rooftop Cocktails in Bangkok

We’ll have an unforgettable night with sweeping views of Bangkok in every direction from the 63rd floor.


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Off-Shore Snorkeling Trip for Two

We’ll be spending plenty of time on the tropical beaches, but we’re really excited to explore the underwater world of Thailand’s coast!


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Lisa and Kyle Snorkeling

Off-Shore Snorkeling Trip for Two

We’ll be spending plenty of time on the tropical beaches, but we’re really excited to explore the underwater world of Thailand’s coast!


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Beachside Massage for Two

What better way to relax and get into the honeymoon spirit than a beachside massage?


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Flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

We’re planning on hitting Bangkok, then heading north to Chiang Mai to check out the local culture!


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Flight from Southern Thailand to Bangkok

We’ll be heading back to Bangkok after our beach time in Southern Thailand.


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Thailand Beach Bungalows

Beachside Bungalow

Thailand is famous for its casual no-frills bungalows on the beach. While we will be staying in hotels and AirBnbs along the way, we’re planning on “roughing” it where we see the opportunity.


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If you’d prefer to give a traditional gift, we have registries at the following:

Will you attend?

Please reply by September 2, 2019.

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